You've come to the right place for all your pest control solutions all around the farm. We offer products for pets, poultry, dairy, equine, goats, sheep, llamas and all other domestic or exotic animals.

- SAFE GRANULARS TOTE 750. lbs. bag - $1500.00
750 pounds of red cedar heartwood granules from the center of choice and aged red cedar trees common only to East Central Texas.

4 oz. to 1 gallon of water. Each gallon makes 32 gallons ready to use spray solution. Enough for 32,000 sq. ft.

- DR. BEN'S EVICTOR PCO CHOICE-Gallon - $250.00
FOR SCORPION, MOSQUITO, FLEA, TICK and SNAKE CONTROL inside and outside premises Natures Defender PCO Choice is a Chemical Free Solution specially created for Pre or Post treatment of insect infestati

- DR. BEN'S EVICTOR VETS CHOICE Gallon - $250.00
4 oz. to 1 gallon of water. Each gallon makes 32 gallons ready to use spray solution Enough for 32,000 sq. ft.

- FOGGER MACHINE - $259.95
Used for in-door flea treatments, out-door patio mosquito treatments, barns, dairies, large warehouses

MSC is a specially designed and internally modified Cedar oil concentrate formulatioin created for delivery as an insect control solution in MISTING SYSTEMS and WATER STREAM INJECTION TECHNOLOGY

- PETRIWOOD 5 Gallon Deck-Dock and Fence- 5 Gallons - $250.00
ONETIME LIFETIME treatment. The ultimate in WOOD PRESERVATION. This dynamic product triggers the early stages of WOOD PETRIFICATION. PETRIWOOD is a PENETRANT, not a coating.